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Microbeads- $4 Each

MicroBead Track- $20 Each

Sew-in Track- $40 Each

Custom Made Clip in Track-$40 Each


Blow Dry Style- $35

Updo- $55+

*All Services come with a wash, light styling, & shoulder massage.


Quickie - $25

Blended clipper cut no fade.

Hand Crafted Haircut- $30

Fades, Clipper over comb, Razor, and/or scissor haircut all freehand. 

Buzz Cut -$20

Medium layered Haircut- $35

Hair length between bottom of earlobe and shoulders

Long Layered Haircut- $45

Hair length past shoulders

Straight across-$35

Haircut cut one length

Beard Trim- $10

Hair color

Balayage Highlights/ Ombre-  $60+

Sombre Highlights - $95+

Weave-in Highlights partial $85

Weave-in Highlights full- $125

Toner- $25

All over Color- $55+

(add $10 for ever additional oz.)

Men's Color Camo- $35

Men's Shoe Shine Highlight- $25


Short hair Relaxer -$10+

Long Hair Relaxer- $50+